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KIPP Lock grips Ocel Černý oxid 8MM

  1. ART NR 58201.000.008
  2. EAN 4059245072040
  3. UBB 500689787041
  4. UNSPSC 31162807
  5. Výrobní číslo položky K0178.4081

Cena za 

Balení: 5
Pouze celé balení
D 8
Materiál (dlouhý název) Ocel
Povrchová úprava Black Oxide
Info Material: Steel. Version: Steel black oxidized. Note: Lock grips can be used as required. The styled design with recessed grip gives fingers a good purchase and is well suited to modern requirements. High clamping forces can be easily attained. Use the pilot hole in the side to secure the grip by pinning or screw.
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B 18
B1 6
D 8
D1 15
D2 3
H 17
H1 6
L 50
T 10.2
T1 1