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KIPP Ball lock pins with T-grip, self-locking Černá Aluminium/stainless steel M10X40

  1. ART NR 58653.100.040
  2. EAN 4059245024704
  3. UBB 500689926227
  4. UNSPSC 31162807
  5. Výrobní číslo položky K0366.25110040

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Balení: 2
Pouze celé balení
Název barvy Černá
Materiál (dlouhý název) Hliník/Nerezocel
Technický materiál EN AC-46200/1.4542
Info Material: Pin stainless steel 1.4542. Grip die-cast aluminium EN-AC 46000. Push button aluminium EN-AW 2024 T4. Balls stainless steel 1.4125. Compression spring stainless steel. Version: All stainless steel parts passivated. Pin hardened to min. 40 HRC. Grip black anodized. Push button blue anodized. Balls hardened to 58 +4 HRC. Note: Ball lock pins are used for quick and easy fastening and joining of parts and work pieces. The two balls are disengaged by pressing the push button and the pin can be slipped into holes in the work pieces. Release the button to lock the balls and secure the connection. The ball lock pins can be provided with a retaining cable if required. The hardened, high-tensile stainless steel pin permits extreme loads with low wear. Shearing force double shear (F) = S · τ aB max. Accessories: Safety spiral cable K0367.10200 Retaining cable with loop K0367. Key ring K0367.15/19/23 Bushing for ball lock pins K0724.


D3 14.2
L3 22.1
D2 11.86
L1 9
B 50.8
Střižná síla (dvojitý střih), max. (kN) 100.10
L2 34.8
Receiving hole (H11) 10
D4 7.4