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User manuals

Our instruction videos guide you through the most common functionalities of our webshop. Check them out!  

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Alternatively, you’re always welcome to give us a call. You’ll find the number of one of our sales office teams in the store locator.
1. Budget meter
Our Budget Meter is a tool for managing and controlling your costs/spend per team member. Just set the limit and a timer and you’re good to go. There are several options to specify settings even further. 

Fabory - Tutorial - Budgets from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on  Budgets: 

2. Order approval process
You can set up your own hierarchy within the webshop. Admin rights, user rights, sub-user rights, and so on, each level with its own rights and options. In this way, you can make sure the right people within your organisation can place orders, but also that those orders are approved by the right people within your organisation before Fabory processes the order. Maximum control of the order flow in your company! Need help setting this up? 

Fabory - Tutorial - Order permission & Approval process from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on order permissions.

3. Create Custom Catalogue
A custom catalogue is very helpful when you often need the same products or products in the same categories. Setting up your own catalogue makes searching easier, and you can access non-standard assortment articles that we store only for you, and so on. Fast, easy and unique in the market! Want to know how to create a Custom Catalogue? 

Fabory - Tutorial - Custom catalogs from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view or tutorial on custom catalogs

4. Quick Order
Quick Order is another way to make shopping easy. Instead of searching for products and adding them one by one, you can use this tool to quickly copy and paste a whole list of articles to your basket. The webshop will recognise the articles and ask for your confirmation. Copy – paste – confirm. It really can be simple as that. Want to see how it works? 

Fabory - Tutorial - Quick order from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on Quick Order

5. Set up a Sub-User
Would you like more people to be able to use your Fabory account? Just set up a hierarchy within your own account. More than one person can then use the account, with different access rights and functionalities to be determined by the admin user. Each user has his or her own login credentials within one customer-related hierarchy. It’s easy to set up. 

Fabory - Tutorial - User management from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on user management

6. Registration Process
Fabory sells to businesses. And so in order to register, you will need your VAT number in addition to your company name and address details. After that, Fabory will perform a quick check and release the account for you to be sure that all settings, pricing and payment details are correct. After that, your 24/7 shop is open for you to use. Want to see a quick walk through the registration process? 

Fabory - Tutorial - Registration from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on our registration process

7. Search and Find
Searching and finding products is the most important feature of any webshop. And so we’ve paid great attention to this. You can search and select products in our webshop in multiple ways, like a direct search or by starting with a broader search, then narrowing down your selection based on product features. Just choose what you think works best for you. If you want an overview of what search options there are? 

Fabory - Tutorial - Search from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on our search method

8. Check-Out Process
It seems simple. Just choose, click, buy, and ship to the right address. But at Fabory, we want to provide you with more options than just the simple ones. Last minute changes, different shipping addresses, and so on.

Fabory - Tutorial - Check out from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our turorial on our Check Out process

9. FastScan
FastScan is one of Fabory’s KeepStock solutions. The order that is scanned can be sent to Fabory via our webshop. Just a click away. Once you have our scanner, you can download and easily install the FastScan software from this site. Once that’s done and you’ve scanned your needs, connect the scanner to your PC and the Fabory webshop will pop up with the goods already in your cart. Do a quick check, add extra products if needed and check out. It sounds simple, and it is… 

Fabory - Tutorial - Fastscan from Fabory on Vimeo. Go here to view our tutorial on Fast Scan

10. Shopping list

You can also create your own shopping list which itemizes the articles you want to buy on a regular basis.


Fabory - Tutorial - Shoppinglist from Fabory on Vimeo. Go her to view our tutorial on creating shopping lists